What is Canberra’s potential as a restorative city? Two day workshop 22nd - 23rd February 2018

Dates: Thursday and Friday, 22 and 23 February 2018, 9:00am to 5:00pm

Venue: Hotel Realm, 18 National Circuit, Barton, ACT

Cost: $275 per person (there is a limited capacity to subsidise the cost of attendance for those who cannot pay)

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Join the Canberra Restorative Practice Community – part of the Restorative International Learning Community - on 22 and 23 February for two days of learning and reflection on how the ACT might re-envision its approach to education, justice and social services in a way that supports people who are motivated and ready for change. 

We have invited the people who led the way in Hull (UK) - the world’s first restorative city, Leeds - the world’s second restorative city, and New Zealand through their approaches to social services and education.

With two different but parallel stories, dramatic transformation has taken place in the UK over recent years in Hull and Leeds.  A truly relational approach to education, justice and social care (among other things) coupled with a transparent and rigorous commitment to capturing data on outcomes for people has significantly:

  • Reduced exclusion of children from schools
  • Improved school participation rates
  • Reduced custodial sentencing
  • Reduced recidivism rates
  • Reduced numbers of children in care
  • Reduced numbers of families at risk
  • Achieved cost savings
  • Consistently ranked those cities’ schools as ‘outstanding’ (from a very poor baseline report that precipitated their respective journeys into restorative work) by the Ofsted independent audit system.

We will have the opportunity to learn about the restorative journey in New Zealand, where education, health and social services have all benefited from a relational approach.  We will also hear how the voice, cultural understandings and practices of Maori people have been honoured and embedded in how practitioners walk alongside those who are in need of care and support.

The workshop will also be useful for people outside the ACT who are interested in transforming how their cities and towns can challenge people to change and live their lives, supported respectfully by their communities.

Time will be given to allowing participants to share ideas and experience of restorative practice to help build awareness and confidence in its practice.

Watch out for additional information about the event to be posted on the ACT Restorative Practice website in coming weeks. www.canberrarestorativecommunity.space

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