Transcripts of our restorative community network workshops and associated reports

Restorative policing:expert criminologists in conversation

RegNet's Restorative Policing discussion (held 6 June 2017) is available to listen or download.

ACT Chief Police Officer, Justine Saunders, and expert criminologists Larry Sherman and Heather Strang from Cambridge University were scheduled to participate in this panel discussion. However, CPO Saunders was made unavailable at late notice.

The discussion was to be facilitated by RegNet’s John Braithwaite, but due to his ill health Miranda Forsyth stepped in for John.

Sherman and Strang debated the positives and negatives of restorative justice from the perspective of the police, the victims and the offenders, and discuss the latest programs for reducing re-offending in Australia as well as in the Northern hemisphere. The panel was also be open to questions from the audience.

Read more here and download audio file here.

Restorative Practices Whanganui: Workplaces

Restorative Practices Whanganui: Workplaces

A report on workplaces in New Zealand and restorative practice, discussing:

  • Employers’ duties in New Zealand
  • What is restorative practice?
  • Restorative practice in the New Zealand context
  • Why would a workplace adopt a restorative approach?
  • Implementing a restorative approach